Rainbow Honey January 2016 Mystery Bag Homework

I’ve done my best to round up the absolute best 100 gymnastics gifts for this year. I’ve included the best pieces of home gymnastics equipment, personalized gifts, apparel, books, accessories, leotards and more.

Here is a past list of 100 gymnastics gifts for more ideas.

Also, at the end of this post there are 3 pages of FREE printable gymnastics gift tags that you can download.

1. Tumbl Trak Junior Pro Gymnastics Bar: This is the newest, most stable, versatile bar for home use. Unlike other home bars, the Tumbl Trak Junior Pro bar does not need to be stabilized with plywood. It is also steady enough for your gymnast to practice more advanced skills like kips, unlike some other bars. It’s easy to assemble and supports up to 125 lbs. It needs 4-6 inches of matting.

2. Panel Mat: If you are looking for your gymnast to be able to practice basic tumbling skills at home, then a panel mat is perfect. It’s the padding you need to prevent injuries, but not too thick to be able to do cartwheels, walkovers and handsprings on it. This Tumbl Trak 4ft x 8 ft panel mat comes in 9 different colors.

3. Sectional Floor Beam: Have limited space? Then a sectional floor beam is perfect for your gymnast. You can buy multiple and attach them together, or just one and have a short space for her to practice skills. This beam is 4 feet long.

4. Handstand Homework Mat: A handstand homework mat is one of my favorite pieces of home gym equipment to recommend to gymnasts, because I think practicing handstands at home is the best way to improve. This mat attaches over any doorway and lets your gymnast practice without hurting her back against the wall.

5. Folding Practice Mat: This Tumbl Trak practice mat fits perfectly under the Junior Pro Gymnastics Bar. It’s 4ft x 6ft, and 6 inches thick.

6. Tan Gymnastics Home Beam: This Beam Store suede balance beam is 8 feet long and 7 inches high. The quality suede covering gives it the look and feel of a competition beam.

7. Air Floor Pro: Air floors seem to be all the rage right now! They are bouncy mats that are used as training aids. The Air Floor Pro does not have to be placed on a padded surface, unlike some other air mats. This would definitely make a nice gift!

8. Gymnast Typography Figure T-Shirt: This popular t-shirt with a gymnast image made out of gymnastics words comes in 10 different colors.

9. Gymnastics is my Life T-Shirt: I love this colorful “Gymnastics is my life” tee that also comes in white.

10. This is My Handstand Tank: This is one of my most popular pins on pinterest; gymnasts love this shirt!

11. Warning Gymnast Could Flip at any Moment T-Shirt: This Warning Gymnast Could Flip at any Moment T-Shirt comes in 14 colors.

12. Sorry I Can’t T-Shirt: This Justice brand t-shirt has “Sorry I Can’t I have Gymnastics Practice” on the front. So true for so many gymnasts!

13. Gymnastics Typography T-Shirt: So cute this gymnastics typography tee with bright colors. This would be a cute gift for a young gymnast!

14. This is My Handstand Shirt T-Shirt: This insanely-popular fitted t-shirt comes in 11 different colors.

15. Grey and Gold Gymnast Tank: This Justice brand gymnast tank has “Gymnast” on the front in gold, metallic print.

16. I’m Not Short I’m a Gymnast T-Shirt: This is a perfect gift for your short gymnast! Comes in two colors.

17. Live, Love Gymnastics Sweatshirt: This Live, Love, Gymnastics sweatshirt comes in 5 colors.

18. Live, Love, Tumble PJ Set: Your gymnast can use this t-shirt and short set as it was intended, for PJs, or to go to and from the gym.

19. Black Star Shorts: These soft velour shorts are perfect for your gymnast to wear at practice!

20. Eat. Sleep. Gymnastics. Repeat. Sweatshirt: This comfy hoodie describes every team gymnast’s life! Comes in 7 different colors.

21. Gymnastics Capri: These comfy drawstring closure capri’s are perfect for your gymnast to wear to and from the gym.

22. Black Live, Love Gymnastics Sweatshirt: This black Snowflake Designs sweatshirt has glitter and rhinestones and would make a great gift!

23. Yoga Pants Leggings: These 90 dgree by reflex yoga pant leggings come in 9 different colors and are perfect for your gymnast to wear to practice in the winter.

24. Under Armour Shorts: These “shorty” shorts come in 13 colors and are great for wearing over a leotard to the gym.

25. Believe Poster: This “Believe” poster has the quote, “Believe in yourself, and your dreams will follow.”

26. Personalized Typography Poster:I love this motivational poster that can be personalized with your gymnast’s name! Comes in 7 different colors.

27. Gold Gymnast Poster: I’m a sucker for all things gold, so obviously I love this simple but chic gymnastics poster. It comes in 35 different colors and 3 sizes. I think this would be great in a teen’s room!

28. Black and White Final Five Poster: I love how hard core the final five look in this poster. Great gift for the gymnast that is a fan!

29. Personalized Gymnast Poster: Personalized motivational typography poster that can be customized with your gymnast’s name and colors.

30. Goals Poster: Motivational poster that says “To reach your goals, you must grab on with both hands.”

31. Team USA Final Five Poster: Team USA poster after they competed in Rio.

32. If You Never Leap Poster: “If You Never Leap You Will Never Know What It’s Like to Fly” motivational poster for your gymnast’s wall.

33. Gymnastics Collage Wall Decal: This collage of gymnastics words wall decal is a great gift for your gymnast to decorate her own space.

34. Gymnastics Medal Holder: Decorate your gymnast’s room with this cute medal holder that comes in 3 colors.

35. Custom Gymnastics Name Wall Decal: I love this gymnastics wall decal that you can personalize with your gymnast’s name and favorite color.

36. Simone Biles Quote Wall Decal: This motivational wall decal says “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee…tumble like a CHAMPION”.

37. Gabby Douglas Quote Wall Decal: This wall decal says “Hard days are the best because that’s when CHAMPIONS are made. ” Great motivational decal for a tween’s room!

38. Personalized Typography Gemlight: This is a glass block with sparkle mesh and lights that can be personalized with your gymnast’s name and made with her favorite color. I think these are so cute to decorate a gymnast’s room!

39. Gymnastics Zone: “Gymnastics Zone” sign for a gymnast’s room.

40. Personalized Drawstring Bag: This drawstring bag can be personalized with your gymnast’s name and comes in several colors. Perfect for holding your gymnast’s gym clothes while she is in class. Here are the other designs–purple, pink damask, turquoise swirl, blue stripe.

41. Under Armour Mini Headbands : Under Armour Mini Headbands are just what your gymnast needs to keep her hair out of her eyes at practice.

42. Gymnastics Nail Art Decals: These gymnastics nail art decals have been so popular on pinterest! These are great for the gymnast that wants to express herself.

43. No Crease Hair Ties: For the gymnast that has thick hair, strong no-crease hair ties are important!

44. Gymnastics Drawstring Bag: Soft fleece cotton bag that your gymnast can use to bring her gymnastics gear to practice.

45. Patterned Duffle Bag: This 21″ long duffle bag would make a great gym bag, and it comes in 35 other paterns!

46. Personalized Gymnast Water Bottle: Have your gymnast’s water bottle personalized with her name and favorite color.

47. Gymnastics Water Tumbler: Custom water bottle tumbler that can be personalized with your gymnast’s name and favorite color. How cool will she look walking into the gym with her water in this!

48. Gymnast Key Chain: I think this gymnast key chain is a great gift idea for the gymnast that is turning 16! Comes in several other colors.

49. Personalized Bag Tag: Prevent anyone from accidentally taking your gym bag with this acrylic bag tag that can be personalized with your name and done in your favorite color.

50. 12 Color Athletic Tape: Stand out in the gym with 12 different colors of athletic tape.

51. Ript Skin Systems Hand Care Kit: The solution to “gymnast hands”. This 3 phase hand care kit has a grindstone to smooth rough calluses, a hand balm to increase hydration to try to prevent rips, and a balm for once your gymnast’s skin has ripped to protect it from the elements.

52. Gymnastics Grips: Is your gymnast ready to start using grips? Or needs a new pair? Check out my gymnastics grip guide for help picking the right ones.

53. Wristbands: Wristbands are essential for gymnast’s that wear grips, and need to be replaced every once in a while. They are a perfect stocking stuffer!

54. Broken Glass Print Grip Bag: This Snowflake designs grip bag comes in a ton of other colors.

55. Pink Nastia Liukin Grip Bag: Love this Nastia Liukin pink and black grip bag. I like that this bag has a zipper to keep all the chalk inside the bag!

56. Rainbow Pack of Prewrap: Gymnast’s love different color prewrap! This pack has 12 different colors.

57. Team USA Gymnastics Bangle Bracelet: This Alex and Ani expandable bangle bracelet has a gymnastics charm along with other Team USA charms. It comes in both gold and silver colors.

58. Infinity Love Gymnastics Bracelet: This super popular hot pink with black braid synthetic leather bracelet has the words “Love”, “Gymnastics” and an I heart Gymnastics charm. Perfect gift for the tween gymnast!

59. Personalized Gymnastics Birthstone Necklace: Sterling silver pendant necklace personalized with your gymnast’s name and birthstone.

60. Stretchy Personalized Wrist Band Bracelet: Wrist band bracelet that can be personalized with your gymnast’s name and favorite color.

61. Flipping & Landing Gymnast Necklaces: These two silvertone with clear stones pendant necklaces come as a set.

62. Girls Gymnastics Bangle Bracelet: This cute bangle bracelet has gymnast charms, along with one that says “she believed she could so she did”.

63. Finding My Shine by Nastia Liukin: Nastia Liukin shares her journey to success as an Olympic all-around gold medalist. She shares motivational tips toward reaching goals and overcoming obstacles.

64. Courage to Soar: A Body in Motion, A Life in Balance by Simone Biles: This is the story of the hard-working, four-time Olympic champion Simone Biles. Learn about her beginnings in foster care all the way to making the Olympic team.

65. The Flip Sideby Shawn Johnson: A young adult novel inspired by Shawn Johnson’s experiences as an elite teenage gymnast.

66. I Got This: To Gold and Beyond by Laurie Hernandez: Laurie Hernandez’s auto biography about her life growing up in Jersey, through becoming the youngest member of the 2016 Olympic Gymnastics team.

67. Yoga for Gymnasts: A resource book for gymnasts looking to practice yoga. The book has over 80 poses that you can learn.

68. The End of the Perfect 10: The Making and Breaking of Gymnastics’ Top Score–from Nadia to Now: A history of gymnastics over the last few decades. Why the scoring system changed, why gymnasts are older and more athletic than every, and how the US became a gymnastics powerhouse.

69. Nadia: The Girl Who Couldn’t Sit Still: Picture book biography of Olympic gold medalist Nadia Comaneci. Tells the story of a lively little girl who became a record-breaking gymnast.

70. Grace, Gold & Glory by Gabby Douglas: Gabby Douglas, the 2012 Olympic Gold medal winner’s autobiography.

71. Gymnastics Fun (Strawberry Shortcake): Gymnastics book gift idea for young gymnasts!

72. Purple Rhinestone Leotard: I love this pretty purple leotard! It’s simple but so cute!

73. Team USA Leotard: This cute k-Bee Leotards Girl’s Team USA leo comes in both red and blue. Love this Olympic-themed leo as a gift!

74. Aly Raisman Red Leotard: Patriotic leo with high rating for fit and comfort. Says “Aly” on the hip, along with GK’s logo.

75. Mermaid Leotard: I love the way this mermaid leotard looks on, super cute!

76. Simone Biles Leotard: Simone Biles Enduring Dream leotard in red. Perfect gift for a Simone Biles fan! Has “Simone” on the hip.

77. Abstract Swirl Gymnastics Tank Leotard: This tank leotard has a cool keyhole opening in the back, with a modest cut on the leg and chest. Comes in 8 cool designs.

78. Purple Ombre Leotard: Such a cute different leotard design! This leotard is purple and pink ombre with a neat lace top.

79. Aly Raisman Flag Leotard: Aly Raisman leotard with stars and stripes.

80. Cartwheel Beam Mat: This makes a great gift for a beginner gymnast! One side of the mat helps your gymnast learn a cartwheel, and the other side has a beam line for practicing other skills.

81. Kettlebells: Light kettlebells are also great for doing resistance exercises to build strength.

82. Pull-Up Bar: A pull-up bar is one of the simplest pieces of equipment you can buy that will help your gymnast get stronger and improve at home. Upper body strength is important in gymnastics, and learning to do chin-ups and pull-ups is a great way to improve it.

83. Sliders: Sliders can be used for drills for many different skills, but are especially great for learning aerials, and front aerials.

84. Parallette: A parallette is useful for drills to learn press handstands, cast handstands on bars and front handspring on vault.

85. Therabands: Therabands are great for many strength exercises, including those for learning kips, round-offs, and mastering split leaps.

86. Foam Roller: Is your gymnast interested in increasing her flexibility? Experts believe foam rollers play an integral part in increasing flexibility.

87. GymnasticsHQ Skill Progression Charts: You know I couldn’t go for the top 100 gifts without mentioning my own product! Skill progression charts are great for goal setting to help your gymnast reach the next level. I’ve gotten so many compliments from people who have said they have been a tremendous help 🙂

88. Stability Ball: A stability ball is great for many strength exercises, but it’s especially useful for drills when learning a cast handstand.

89. Kip Trainer: If your gymnast is struggling to learn a kip, then a kip trainer would make a great gift.

90. Light Weights: Developing muscles and strength is an important part of a gymnast’s progress. Many times the reason a gymnast hasn’t gotten a skill is due to lack of strength. So light weights is a great gift to help a gymnast progress. Check out exercises your gymnast can do based on the skill she wants to learn on the skill how-to pages.

91. Barbie Gymnastic Coach Dolls & Playset: This Barbie doll comes with gymnastics equipment and a student. Perfect toy for your young gymnast.

92. Gymnastics Stickers: Gymnastics stickers to decorate a scrapbook, or just to play and color with.

93. Doll Leotard for American Girl Doll: Doll leotard and scrunchie that fits American Girl dolls.

94. Dazzler Ribbon: Let your gymnast play “rhythmic gymnast” with these twirling ribbons.

95. Mega Bloks American Girl McKenna’s Gymnastics Training: Buildable gymnastics set for your young gymnast to play with.

96. Peace, Love, Gymnastics Cell Phone Case: Peace, love and gymnastics hipster cell phone case.

97. Gym Hair Don’t Care Cell Phone Case:Sassy “Gym Hair Don’t Care” cell phone case would make a great gift for your teen.

98. Gymnastics Motivational Cell Phone Case: This motivational gymnastics cell phone case is a perfect gift for your teen gymnast!

99. This Princess Wears Leotards Cell Phone Case: Cute clear hard case that says “This Princess Wears Leotards” and comes in several different colors.

100. She Believed She Could Cell Phone Case: Love this “She Believed She Could And So She Did” Cell Phone case with a gymnast on the front.

I hope you found some gifts in these 100 gift ideas that your gymnast will love!
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