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Essay on Garbage, Recycling, and Waste Management

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Garbage, Recycling, and Waste Management

There are already ways of getting rid of garbage so people won’t have to see it or smell it. For example there is incineration, in which trash that can’t be recycled is burned. Although this meets the requirements mentioned above it has a downside. The burning itself causes waste and eventually it will have a bad effect on the environment. Recycling is a good process that reuses materials so they won’t be wasted and cause waste. But many products are not recyclable, like plastics.

     There are a number of ways to solve the dilemma of collection and transportation of municipal solid waste. An underground system of conveyor belts to the dump is a possibility. It would…show more content…

But that raises other questions. Obviously, it is evident that this form of disposal does not even dispose of the garbage as much as just simply putting the trash in a garbage can.

I think the average person would say that it would be a lot easier to, instead of mining ourselves out of our resources, that it would be more efficient to recycle the parts in our automobiles. That is easier said than done. I think if our politicians were aware of statistics like that, then they would probably be more involved in helping our environment. Laws should be passed that instead of selling a dead car to a junkyard for a couple hundred dollars, that people should have to recycle the materials used on those cars. Maybe there would be perks for doing so, but that would definitely help out this crisis. Before all that can happen though, research needs to be made on how to successfully recycle these materials. Once this can be done, through the cooperation of politicians, scientists, and automobile owners, we will soon be living in a better environment.

One of the problems with saying that people need to use more decomposable material is that most family members will not let their kin be buried unless they’re buried with class. Decomposable materials, like wood and certain chemicals, would not be considered “classy”. Simply put, once people decompose, they do not really need a coffin. If we are able to fashion these decomposable materials into better-looking coffins, I think it will

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The Problem of Garbage Disposal Essay

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The average resident produces seven and a half pounds of garbage every day that is buried down in landfills and litters lands costing a great amount of money. Nowadays, people face no more critical trouble than the need to save the weakening environment, mainly in urban areas, where solid wastes are uselessly dumped. It has been observed that cities have no controlled structure for garbage disposal. Each year, millions of dollars are spent picking up litter and more is thrown away in valuable materials that could be recycled. As humanity develops new technology and equipment, the level of waste increases every day. Due to the fact that there is a huge problem with garbage disposal, government representatives must contribute to resolving…show more content…

There are some reasons for the problem. The first reason is that the effects of the thrown rubbish are very dangerous and extremely harmful. According to Miller (1987), global industrial organizations produce over 80,000 different chemicals (para. 5). Basically, garbage is old, dirty and wet, so that it is a perfect place for bacteria and other viruses to stay in. Rubbish growth in cities has been a problem all over the world for centuries. Landfills have always been regarded as sources of illnesses and unpleasant smells. The harmful wastes from the garbage spread through the ground from paint, chemicals, petrol, batteries, and other toxic materials that have been thrown away into the garbage. The toxic chemicals get into the water pipes and spread through the people’s drinking water. Another reason of that problem is that people have created all these disasters, which are connected with environmental pollution. The more modern technologies are created, the more unbelievable become wastes and remains of what is produced. From this, man is responsible for what he or she created and for the following consequences. Anxieties about the environment have made people more aware of their environmental footprints or the kind of waste they leave behind during their existence. The difficulty is that an average person leaves an incredible amount of wastes in his or her lifetime. According to Lovejoy (1912), all biodegradable substances, contained in

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