Family Health History Assignment Topics

Engage students in learning about health family history and the connection between genetics and health. By completing this module students will:

  1. Understand basic information about common (and in some cases preventable) diseases, understand that the risk for developing these diseases has both a hereditary and environmental component, and understand what it means to be "at risk" for developing these diseases.
  2. Assess personal risk for developing common diseases by filling out the online Health Family Tree tool at home with their families.
  3. Construct a "Reduce your Risk" Promotional Campaign aimed at educating their peers.

Follow the suggested lesson plan below to work your way through this module.

Activity Abstract Length
Pre-Activity Movie: Using Family History to Improve Your Health Use this movie to spark discussion with students about what it means to be at risk, health family history and why it is important. The movie also acts as a teaser to excite student interest before doing the Risk Continuum and Pick The Risk activities. 6 mins.
Risk Continuum A whole-class kinesthetic demonstration of what it means to be in a "risk group" for developing heart disease based on family history/genetics. 15 mins.
Using Family History to Improve Your Health Web Quest Students explore the Using Family History to Improve Your Health module on the Genetic Science Learning Center website to complete a web quest. 50-80 mins.
Pick the Risk: The Polygenic Pedigree Challenge Students track and record the passage of pom poms (representing genes) through generations of a family using a pedigree. Students learn that common chronic diseases (such as heart disease) run in families and are caused by the combined action of multiple genes. 30-45 mins.
Reduce Your Risk: A Promotional Campaign Students design a promotional campaign targeting their peer group to educate them about how to reduce their risk of developing preventable diseases. Students submit a proposal form highlighting the key points and ideas for the campaign; creating a product from their proposed campaign is optional. 50 mins.
What's Your Family Health History Story? Collect your family health history using this easy to follow guide and checklist. Arrange your family's health history into a pedigree chart. Student pages available in English and Spanish. At-home assignment

Essay on Family Health History

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Americans today are faced with a number of health issues, mainly as a result of poor diet, lack of exercise, and lifestyle choices; but, of course, genetics does play a part. My family, for example, has a history of several issues. My father suffers from diabetes and asthma, which my children have as well. My older sister and I both suffer from stress, which is most likely causing our chronic heartburn and my headaches; and, both my husband and I are borderline obese, which is a gateway disease to many others. While some of these issues are linked genetically, many of them are due to lifestyle, which can be viewed as both negative and positive. Negative because we brought these ailments onto ourselves, but positive because we can…show more content…

This results in severe attacks, requiring a trip to the hospital emergency room. As stated earlier, my three children also have asthma, which is in no doubt genetically linked to my father— their grandfather. Fortunately, they have mild symptoms, and inhalers are only needed during cold and flu season as a preventative measure. However, they are at higher risk of developing pneumonia or bronchitis due to their asthmatic predisposition, and unfortunately, there has been previous winters when this has happened. Because of this, as soon as any of the children have signs of a cold, they are immediately treated with their inhalers.

Stress is simply a fact of nature—forces from the outside world affecting the individual. These forces are related to both internal and external factors. External factors include the physical environment, such as one’s job, school, or home, relationships with others and all the situations and challenges one confronts on a daily basis. Internal factors include one’s overall health and fitness levels, diet, emotional well-being and the amount of sleep one gets. How an individual responds to these factors vary, as well as the symptoms associated with it. My sister and I both have stress for various and different reasons, but we do share similar symptoms. We have both reported sleep disturbances and lack of sleep, as well as chronic heartburn. Other symptoms I have experienced are moodiness, headaches and bruxism

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