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Jkaustubh wrote:

I reached the venue an hour early, on reaching the floor, I was asked to sign on an attendance page. At first I was perplexed and my hands were shaking while signing, but then I got better of my nerves, hell yes I was nervous. The essay topic that I got was "Drubbing". I moved from my chair which was near the door to a more comfortable sofa. I was just gauging others in the room, and believe me every one was looking at their smart phone screens.......................Read the whole debrief here.

kartikdatwani wrote:

I went up to the interview floor where I saw a group of nervous people all dressed to kill . I sat down and calmed myself. Immediately after a guy came (hotel employee), took my signature and handed me a sheet that instructed me to write a 50-100 word essay on the word 'Authority'. So naturally, like everyone else, I took out my smartphone and switched on the wifi. No wifi signal in ITC Sheraton (or ISB may have instructed them to block the wifi for that floor, also for 'roaming' reasons my data plan was not working)..........................Read the whole debrief here.

ankurgupta03 wrote:

With the interviews starting for the R2, let me put some do's and the dont's for the interviews.
You should keep the following points while the ISB interview.
1. Be very thorough with your essays. Most of the questions are from them.
2. Be fully prepared about the work you do. What is the business aspect/impact.
Will try to put in some more points. Till then, the R1 admits or the R2 applicants can put in their views and revive this thread. ..........................Read the whole post here.

abhidas wrote:

I had an interview on the 11th of January in Delhi. Overall the panel gives you opportunities to dig yourself into a hole but also gives you opportunities to get out. The panel initially started with a precis of my career before moving onto the meatier stuff.
Learnings - Don't try to be too diplomatic or roundabout in you answers. At least with my panel they were much more receptive if I went to the straight truth as opposed to a consultant's monologue dancing around a relatively unpalatable fact.
Precisely articulating what exactly you bring to ISB is much more valuable than what you gain from ISB....................Read the whole post here.

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ag111 wrote:

Hello Everyone,

While ISB seems to be influenced a lot by US Business Schools and tries to emulate a similar processes in it own way (importance of holistic / uniqueness in your profile etc), I do not have enough exposure on IIM's(esp IIM-A PGPX and IIM-B EPGP). What are the factors that are important for them? Given the average work experience of the batch lies between 8-9 years how do they view someone with 4.5-6 years of experience. Certainly the later category will have less managerial experience and also lesser impact. Is that a disadvantage? I recently e-mailed IIM A admissions team and they responded that 10% of their current batch has 4-5 years of experience which seems pretty low considering the batch size was 80.

Of the past successful candidates who had <6 years of experience what was the differentiating factor in their profile? I came to know that V.K.Menon, who was ex-ISB admission director(or of some similar post), has now joined IIM-B and handling marketing of EPGP Program. He is trying to change a lot in terms of admission process and wants to emulate ISB's processes. However the minimum experience bar is still kept at 5 years and batch size is still around 100-120. Can experts share more insights? It will be great for all applicants focusing on Indian B Schools! Thanks a lot! Hoping to get good discussion around this.

"Valar dohaeris!"

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(Looking fwd to your expert opinions)

Hi AG,

Thanks for looping us in the conversation.

So while we are talking about ISB, I'd just add one thing which really strikes me about it- thanks to their affiliations at the time of founding the b-school, they get faculty from the best business schools in the world to teach the class. That's an unparalleled advantage for Indian students. Every time I talk to students, this emerges as a key benefit of their experience.

Of all the IIMS, IIMA PGPX has students with highest work experience. Things may shake up a little at IIMA as they are doubling their class size this year. IIMB put a cap last year, discouraging applicants with 12 + years experience to apply and that continues this year. So these factors may govern your decision to apply to these colleges.

As to your question of applying with lesser experience- I think its a subjective thing. You may have built real quality experience within your 5-6 years, as compared to a guy you has about 8. Think in terms of your leadership potential, career progress and the ability to make an impact (with solid examples to back this up). So it really depends on how strong can you make your application. That said, if you think you should wait 1-2 years before you apply, that approach is also ok. I can have a look at your profile in more detail to help you make that decision.

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