There Can Be No Freedom Without Discipline Essay

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    I get bored when get out of discipline and do all nonsense and feeling of sadness and tarnished but when I work accordingly I remain happy throughout the day that proves freedom without discipline is license.Feeling of loneliness take me to the other road which I never wish to travel but with unknown reason I get departure from my main road and get lost somewhere else and then mental depression for whole day.Actually I am unable to control myself.

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  • Without Discipline, A Person is Merely Enslaved to Their Own Weakness

    If a person lacks discipline, then they are not even able to control themselves; they don't have the ability to achieve what they want in life, or to behave responsibly towards others. Thus, they are not free, as their lack of discipline prevents them from living life the way that they want to. Undisciplined individuals are subject to the worst kind of slavery; they are enslaved by themselves.

  • Yes, people need discipline to achieve freedom

    Discipline is the ultimate truth of success, and without discipline it is impossible to achieve freedom.And it gives our life structure and prevents us from making costly mistakes, however, some people believe that discipline is not needed. But let us think about a world without discipline criminals would be found every where. For example without discipline African Americans and Women's wouldn't have granted the numerous rights they hoped to achieve.

  • Yes discipline is needed

    Discipline will teach us what to do when we achieve our freedoms. As it is the ultimate truth of success, without it our freedoms would not achieved by anyone , however, it is believed by some people that discipline is not needed,let us think logically about a world without discipline criminals would be find every where. Do you think anyone of us would really achieve freedom without discipline??

  • Yes, freedom without discipline is like a ship without rudder

    Before putting up an argument it is important to understand the meaning of discipline as well as freedom. Discipline is the act of training someone or ourself to obey rules or certain behavior . Even our physical existence is possible only due to a great discipline in external nature. Freedom means utilize our independence in a way that no one is harmed . And according to me freedom cannot be implied on anyone or anything without discipline.

  • Yes, freedom without discipline is license.

    Whether the discipline comes from the outside or from within, it is going to be needed to turn human impulse and license into true freedom. Without some understanding of limitations, one thinks to be acting freely but is just acting impulsively. Freedom is the ability to know what the consequences are and consciously choose an action.

  • Discipline is Needed Sir .. It maintains my peace of mind

    Discipline trains you to put up with disappointments; you will know that the path of life has both ups and downs, that every rose has its thorn. (Not the genetically engineered ones - Either not in your dream life where everything is just easy ). Nobody wants difficulties. Discipline is just needed to live in reality as it trains you to be in happy contentment always.

  • Yes, people need discipline to achieve freedom.

    Freedom is achieved in many ways. A criminal loses his/her freedom because he is unable to discipline himself and stay out of trouble. Possibly, had he had more discipline growing up, or in school, he could avoid jail, losing his freedom. Discipline is a way of life taught at a very early age.

  • Without discipline it is extremely difficult to achieve freedom.

    In order to have freedom someone also needs to be somewhat disciplined. If someone acts reckless by acting on impulse without thinking for example, they will most likely get themselves in a position socially and/or financially where they will no longer be able to make decisions freely or become dependent on else.

  • Freedom is dangerous without self discipline.

    Few people will get anything important done in life without a boss, a parent, a teacher.  It is the removal of freedom that allows creation. Completion requires constraints: deadlines, scope, format…

    We chaff at the chains, but they serve us.

    My boss is an idiot, but without her insistance I wouldn’t have finished the document.

    My teacher knows nothing about the real world, but without his deadline I wouldn’t have written the essay.

    My landlord is cruel, but without his insistence on payment of rent I would not have gotten out of the bed, out of the house, into the world, served a paying customer, grown, learnt.

    Constraints serve.

    Freedom is dangerous without self discipline.

    The grain of sand irritates and annoys the oyster, but creates the pearl.

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